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Soup for Ukraine by Rooted in the Gorge

It is 2022 and our world, still reeling from a two-year long global pandemic, is now staring down the face of another World War. The citizens of the Ukraine are facing things most of us could not even fathom in our worst nightmares. And, like our friends at Rooted in the Gorge have said, "Sometimes words fail, and in the case of the Ukraine they definitely don't feel like enough."

They went on to say, "In asking what we would DO to support the Ukrainian people on the front lines of this senseless war, the answer would be 'feed them.' As we can't actually be there presently, the next best thing we can do is support the efforts of an organization doing just this: World Central Kitchen."

On Wednesday of this week, chef Kristen Lillvik, of Rooted, announced a fundraiser wherein she will craft her handmade soup with 100% of the proceeds going to WCK as they feed refugees on the Ukrainian border. In under two days, she raised over $1100 for these efforts.

Now, we are just the pickup spot. She is doing all of the work. But, to do our small, tiny part, during soup pickup hours of 3-5pm this Saturday, March 5, we will be donating 10% of all taproom sales to WCK's efforts as well. Come to pick up soup, have a pint with us, or donate directly to World Central Kitchen here if you cannot make it in. Thank you. Thank you. And please remember, we are better together.

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