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Mug Club 2023 Spots Available!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Become a Mug Club Member: The 2023 mugs are in, and they are beautiful: the colors this year are Peacock and Rust. Select your color preference when enrolling.

How much does it cost to join?

At just $150 annually, we feel this membership is a total deal! For the equivalent of just $12.50 per month, you can be treated like a total VIP at one of your favorite spots for locals in the Gorge.

How can you join?

You have to be 21 years or better with valid ID to join the Mug Club. While we are opening memberships on June 3, 2023, you may still have an opportunity to join later if there are still mugs available.

What perks come with Mug Club membership?

Great question. In addition to achieving cool status every time you walk into the taproom and grab a cold one in your very own mug, you'll have access to the following perks:

  • 20oz hand-crafted ceramic mug from Grey Fox Pottery

  • Two drink tokens

  • 20oz fills of beer for the price of a 16oz

  • 16oz fills of cider for the price of a 12oz

  • Free fills of new beers and ciders (excluding limited releases)

  • 15% discount on merchandise

  • Private Mug Club annual holiday party

  • Early enrollment for next year's Mug Club

Do I have to take the mug home and carry it?

Nope! It's just cleaned, sanitized, and waiting for you in our taproom. Plus, no one else will ever use your mug.

Can I share my mug club membership with another person?

No. That other person should want to join as bad as you do! BUT we will offer plus one invites to events so others can be enticed into joining in the future.

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