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What's Up in April?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We are often asked, "How do we know what's going on in your taproom?" and kindly point people to our Facebook pages, our Instagram pages, our Twitter account, or the Gorge Current event calendar for answers. You can also join our emailing list here. However, in an effort to be inclusive of all communication & media styles, while still honoring the fact that we are a tiny team of professionals, we decided to additionally include a list of upcoming events on our blog each month. When we say "tiny team" please know that we have one full-time, Kristyn, the one typing this. I maintain the website, the blogs, have my hands on almost every piece of social and print media you see, and I'm the GM of the entire operation. I just ask that you keep that in mind when trying to stay informed.

The associated calendar image for April shows highlights on each day we have a special or recurring event happening in the taproom. Please note that we are not open on Mondays or Tuesdays, so our social schedule is poppin'! Below is a list of what's up in April - you'll have to follow one of the more comprehensive links above to get full details on each event, but these blog posts can serve as a reference point if you want to know when you should come see us. Which, honestly, we think is always.


K. Fix


April 2022

Recurring Events

Thursdays, 6:30pm: Team Trivia

Sundays, 6pm: Open Mic (free) Coming soon - Every Fourth Friday: Kalani's Shave Ice Food Truck

Live Music (never a cover charge!)

April 2: Slapjack Casualty

April 8: Alder Brook & Albert Nicholas

April 9: Darryl Frank Trio

April 15: The Hazelnuts

April 16: Scott Bergeron

April 23: New Victorian

April 29: Freehugger

April 30: Chasing Ebenezer

Specialty & Offsite Events

April 8: Exit 69 Cold IPA Release Party at Mosier Company

April 22: Votum Oyster Pop Up Kitchen

April 24: Mosier Spring Fest at Mosier Market

April 30: Hood River Hard Pressed Cider Fest

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